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Top 5 Lightning Vape Pen Tricks for Ultimate Vaping Pleasure

Vaping has grown from a smoking cessation tool to a subculture with aficionados pushing the limits. Vape tricks have become prominent in vaping culture. These spectacular and frequently complicated maneuvers show a vaper’s talent and add to the fun. Lightning vape pens are adaptable vape gadgets for these tricks. For the best vaping experience, we’ll cover the top five Lightning Vape Pen tricks with step-by-step instructions and advice.

Classic Os

Classic O’s, or smoke rings, are the core of vape deception. Your guests will be impressed by your dense, perfectly shaped rings made with a Lightning Vape Pen.

Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Draw deeply from your vape pen to get enough vapor.
  • Step 2: Make an “O” with your mouth, like you’re saying the letter.
  • Step 3: Quickly and abruptly exhale a small amount of vapor. Instead of coughing or exhaling forcefully, focus on regulated breaths.
  • Step 4:. Practice makes perfect. Try different mouth shapes and breath intensities until you can consistently make stunning, billowing O’s.

The Dragon vape trick

 It creates a visually appealing appearance, resembling a legendary creature spitting fire.

How to master it:

  • Step 1: Draw from your Lightning Vape Pen and hold it in your mouth.
  • Step 2: Forcefully exhale through your nose and mouth sides.
  • Step 3: Lower your chin slightly as you exhale to simulate dragon breath.
  • Step 4: Practice breathing differently to create different-sized “flames.” Control and vapor stability are crucial.

Lightning Vape Pen,

Create a stunning vapor tornado that will have your friends asking how you did it.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Take a significant drag and hold the vapor in your mouth.
  • Step 2: Slowly exhale vapor onto a table or countertop.
  • Step 3: Quickly rotate your palm around the vapor to raise it and make a tornado-like vortex.
  • Step 4: Control the tornado’s appearance by varying hand speed and size.
vapor jellyfish


This complex feat needs precision and practice. It simulates a vapor jellyfish.

Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Draw a long drag from your vape pen and exhale a small cloud.
  • Step 2: Quickly swipe the vapor cloud horizontally with your non-dominant hand.
  • Step 3: Swipe across the cloud and use your dominant hand to generate a more minor, controlled vapor explosion in the middle to make the jellyfish.
  • Step 4: Practice hand timing and coordination to shape a jellyfish.

Introducing The Waterfall

 It is a visually excellent vape technique that resembles falling water. Though challenging to learn, the reward is worth it.

How to do it:

  • Step 1: draw deeply from your vape pen and hold the smoke in your mouth.
  • Step 2: Slowly exhale the vapor to control its descent.
  • Step 3: Guide the vapor downward to create a waterfall effect.
  • Step 4: Try different hand movements and angles to get the waterfall effect.


Learning these top five Lightning Vape Pen stunts takes time and patience, but the sense of success and enjoyment they provide to vaping is worth it. Stay cautious and use your vape pen responsibly. Try vape techniques to enjoy vaping more, but do it in moderation and with respect for others. Grab your Lightning Vape Pen, practice these tricks, and prepare to impress your friends with your new vaping talents. Happy vaping!

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Last modified: November 3, 2023